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Sveta Marina is a small place on the eastern coast of Istria, located 12 km south of the town of Labin. Peace, the untouched nature and especially the clean sea add to its particular charm. While some people look for fun and entertainment, Sveta Marina offers something totally different to those who want to spend their vacancies in the silent nature with the sound of the sea and the music of crickets. There are two pleasant restaurants - one near the self-service shop, the other one at the very entrance to the camp where you can enjoy the odours and scents of the Istrian specialties but also the traditional continental cuisine. We should not forget to mention the beautiful beach in the bay of Sveta Marina and also the plenty of smaller hidden beaches along the eastern part of the Sveta Marina cape. Those who admire sports and other activities Sveta Marina offers the adventure of diving in the beautiful sea in the company of the experts from the diving clubs and a plentiy of wind and waves to windsurfers.

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